Tuesday, May 17, 2016


As an alternative to coffee, drinking warm calamansi juice is very relaxing when I am home on my day off from work. Coffee has been my favorite drink ever since I started working as it makes me mentally alert. I am thankful I do not have heart palpitation through the years of patronizing this favorite drink. I thought of an alternative after meal when I am home. These tiny fruits loaded with vitamin C came to my mind. With less effort of juicing at least three to four pieces and adding a little brown sugar I get to enjoy a cup while watching television.  Why warm instead cold juice? It relaxes my throat after seven to eight hours of talking when at work.

Calamansi, scientific name Citrofortunella Microcarpa is a popular fruit in the Philippines and widely grown in Southeast Asian countries. Growing up in a farm, I had the privilege of cultivating this plant. Or should I say watch this fruit as it grew anywhere around our yard and back yard. It grows easily just throw a fruit with seeds on it. In few days seedling sprouts up. Seedling becomes small tree and bear fruits in clusters.  I love the fresh looking leaves and lemony aroma of the leaves. Despite the attraction this plant gives, you would not want to come close to it. Its body and branches have thorns enough to puncture your skin.

Aside from being a good source of Vitamin C, there are many health benefits we can get from calamansi. Go ahead, search the web folks. Calamansi peels when rub on skin, whiten and moisturize skin, thus restoring softness. Many beauty products manufactured in the Philippines are with calamansi extract. Cheaper than lemon when you go to groceries and supermarkets, this tiny fruit offers as much as lemon gives. Truly amazing! 

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