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Friday, June 24, 2016


At long last, I managed to clean our shoe rack and threw away some worn out slippers. I changed the old dusty cardboard I used to protect the wood from chipping. This rack has not been cleaned since several years back. I know you are chuckling folks.  

I was granted two days vacation leave from work and the following two days were my day off. Last night I thought of inspecting some stuff inside as I am running out of space where to put some shoes and slippers. As expected, most of the stuff belongs to my niece. Rubber shoes anyone? Take note you are seeing only half of the shoe rack. So, there is more.

She collects rubber shoes and comic books. She orders comic books online. She has some delivered through our post office as books are non taxable. In most cases she picks them up at her trusted courier. I have a bookcase with four shelves, almost full with books now. One time she ordered one rubber shoes online. She was sent two by mistake and to her delight.

She gave the other one to my sister. The rubber shoes, was way too big my size. Besides I am not fond of rubber shoes. What do I collect? Money of course. But despite wisely, collecting these elusive resources. I have not collected much, as of yet. 

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