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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Happy Birthday Nanay

Yesterday was the 87th birthday of my mother. Nanay is another name we called our mothers in the Philippines. Depending on what region we belong. Some called their mothers, Ina  or Inay. My mother celebrated her birthday in heaven with her beloved husband, my father. I am glad I was able to visit them being my day off. My visit was for her birthday and post father’s day. I took a snap of the main entrance to my parents resting place. The bright morning sunlight was blurring my vision. 
To be honest I hesitated the night before if I should go.Metro wide earthquake drill was scheduled 22nd of Jun. I anticipated heavy traffic jam. To alleviate the possibility of delay or getting stranded due to scheduled activity, I was out of the house by 5am. I took a bus and was at the place by 6am. The care taker of my parents plot greeted me with a wide grin and asked why I was too early.

I left the place by 9am.I managed to drop by at supermarket for some groceries on my way home. I was home by 11:30am. I am happy to have gone to my parents resting place. I do hope I made them happy, as well. 

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