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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Indoor Plants

My Sansevieria plants have grown bigger. Shoots are coming out too.  I am guessing in few months I will need new pots to transplant the shoots. I  bought this maroon fibreglass pot from a shopping mall two years ago. It was on 20% off its original price. I hope I can find another one but different color. 

I am learning, these plants can propagate without sunlight. I share a two bedroom condo with my niece. The unit has no balcony. I am lazy to take the plants out to our laundry area, sixth level of the building. I am still observing the plants and see what happens in the coming months. These plants have been with me four months to date. 

Right, the pot is an ice cream plastic container. It is roomy for the new shoots until I transplant them to new pots. This plant was inside my room. Now it is on top of my wardrobe. The wardrobe is a divider between the living room and kitchen

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