Sunday, July 24, 2016

Coffee and Apple Pie

Coffee and apple pie after dinner last night... love it! Apple pie is courtesy of my niece. She ordered it from one of her favorite fast food together with some goodies for herself. We have same day off this time Saturday and Sunday, but different work schedule.  Happy tummy again!

Why do I like coffee a lot? I have migraine way back in my early teens. I found out caffeine in coffee is the cheapest and easiest way to combat migraine attack. If you suffer from migraine and you feel migraine headache is underway. Try taking a cup of black coffee. I take it without sugar. Caffeine constricts blood vessels and alleviates migraine headache. 

At the first sign of asthma attack coffee also helps. It is advisable to take strong coffee without sugar.  Caffeine is bronchodilator. It helps relax and clear the airways, for asthma sufferer to breathe easier. 

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