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Monday, August 15, 2016

Series of Fantastic Events

Series of fantastic events happen today! What? 

I was able to download the latest game craze on my old phone. I got stuck on creating my name. It has been saying name is not available. Finally I got a name and caught tree cute characters inside my room! My phone is a bit of slow though. It is alright. I have no time to play the game anyway. I downloaded it just so I know. I would rather have time working on my cleaning, laundry, watching news on television and go surfing the net on my day off from work. 

I was about done with my dinner when my niece announced she ordered some food and be delivered anytime. I was full, yet my tummy has room for delectable delivery. Well actually, I just had a saucer of pasta. I will save the best (chicken wings) for last.  I had warm calamasi juice in lieu of coffee.  

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