Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Time Off from Work Well Spent

I have been contemplating on cleaning this AC unit but I just cannot extract my niece from her favorite place at home. Where else but her bedroom. We have the same day off. She does not  want to be disturbed watching movies or playing online games on her computer. Yesterday being my vacation leave.  I took the chance after she left for work. I do not  have AC in my room to save on electricity bills. My sister bought this AC unit for my niece. My niece shares on our electricity bills. 

Accumulation of dust on AC filter balloons electricity bills.It has been four months since the last time I cleaned this AC unit.  Dust could hinder its operation. As a result it would use a lot of electricity for cooling off a room.

I cautiously scraped off the dust using used toothbrush. Then, wash the filter with bath soap and water. The bath soap made it fresh smelling when I put back the filter and covered it up. The owner of the room was very pleased. 

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