Friday, April 14, 2017

Welcome Summer 2017

It is starting to get warmer now in Manila, Philippines since summer has been declared by our weathermen end of March. Being a tropical country Philippines has only two seasons, summer and rainy reason.  Summer starts around middle of March until the end of June.  Our temperature scale measurement is Celsius.  Although most foreign visitors who come to Manila consider the weather to be always warm.  The warmest months we would have are April in May.  

My work schedule is at night time. It gives me the advantage of cooler temperature when reporting for work.  The air condition system inside the work place would even make us wear jackets and sweaters despite the warm temperature outside. When the morning sun is up after my work shift, I am on my way home.  Shower cools me off before hopping in my bed.  I share a rented two bedroom condo with my niece, which is good.   I have someone to share the cost of my rent. 

Without a balcony I hesitated before to take the rented place. It is only now I begin to appreciate without having a balcony. Being in an inner unit, it is cooler compared to those units directly facing the sun.  My niece has air conditioning in her room. I have electric fan in mine. The electric fan is enough to cool off my room as long as I close my door.

I always make it a point to have plants in the house.  Aside from serving as decor, plants help to cool off the temperature and freshens the air inside my small space. I have a pot of plant inside my room, my niece room, in the living room, kitchen and bathroom.  I go for plants that are easy to grow like sansevieria and some plants that grow in water, without much need for sunlight.

You can count on me when it comes to recycling pots.  As you can see in this photo, the pot I used is an old pot for rice cooker. Empty glass bottles also serve as flower pots for water plants. I just do not have much time to decorate the bottles as flower pots.  These bottles have special place in all corners of my small space, rather than inside a trash bin. 

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