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Sunday, July 02, 2017

Welcome Me Back World Wide Web

The days are passing by too fast. It is July now, half of 2017. Few more months, everybody will busy again shopping for Christmas presents.  So what have I been up to?

There are so many things that happened in the month of June. My brain is too busy to think of one topic to write. I have yet to mention, I was on training again last end of March as chat tech support.  I thought I know how to communicate though chat, having chatted before with some online friends. But I was wrong. Casual conversation is different from business conversation. One of my struggles is how to pacify an irate customer through chat. At least if I am speaking with customer through voice call. The customer on the other end of the line can hear the tone of my voice.

From April to May I struggled with dissatisfied, surveys.  Oh no, I did not make my customers upset. There are many ways customers would give dissatisfied ratings on a survey. One is they would wait on the queue for so long. Their time is precious like anyone else.  Sometimes some company procedures and policies they are not aware of. Services outage is another one.  Who would want to lose phone or internet connection just when the service is needed most. They would take the survey, not knowing the survey would fall on the agent they chatted  or spoke with.  Hopefully soon as June scores will be tallied. I hope to pass.

Yes, we do have monthly scores. In some call centers, if agent is not passing the monthly scores repeatedly.  The agent could be transferred to another department. Worst scenario the agent could be terminated from the job. In the company I am working. If we do not pass the yearly average we will not get salary increase. I am hoping for the best to pass this 2017 for another salary increase.  Some people may say working in a call center is easy. Call center companies do not require four year college degree. Not really. Try to apply and see for yourself. This is the kind of job where you will be technically and analytically challenged. 

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