Saturday, November 25, 2017

Few Days to Christmas Day

Christmas is few days away. I decorated my small space in preparation for the joyful occasion. Just simple decors I could get my hands on. I do not want to spend anymore for Christmas decors.

This is my living room. My two seater couch are now stuffed with Christmas throw pillow.  I found some old Christmas cards I was supposed to mail to friends but they changed addresses. I got them stuck on the door and cut out stars out of metallic paper.

My little Christmas tree occupies a corner on top of my shoe drawer The two teddy bears are my favorite stuffed toys. They are gifts from youngest bro from his trip to Ireland and Oregon U.S. years back. Partly hidden beside my old television are some Christmas presents I started wrapping for my family members.

I am not saying do not spend for decors. Go ahead if you have budget.  I am simply sharing how to enjoy the Holiday Season. That is without giving away your precious earnings if budget is tight. 

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