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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Blogging Again

I has been a while folks. I hope everyone is doing great. To all mommies, Happy Mother’s Day!

Year 2017 has been alright. I would not say not perfect but all creases have been ironed-out. Mostly work related issues.  To those you have been following my blog, I mentioned I have transferred to chat from being a voice tech support agent. There was a bit of struggle at the beginning of the year, 2017. It was all about my monthly score.

To call center representatives also known as call center agents, like me.  They know what I am saying here. Passing our annual score is a must, if we want a salary increase. It also helps management to know if the agent is performing. Or, the agent needs help. Worst, if they agent needs to leave the company. I had a bit of struggle for six months, getting not a passing customer survey. Luckily, I made it towards the middle of the year until year end.  Why did I not aim for promotion? Not worth it for a lot of pressure. I would rather retire looking young and healthy.

Family and love life is great I have no complain. They are very supportive. Busy at home on my day off and vacation from work.  It is normal for me to mind my organizing my small space.  I do not want to arrive from work to a topsy turvy home.  I am not a traveller, other than team building activities at work. I do not want to spend money when not needed. I would rather spend money in buying appliances and home maintenance.  I live frugally and in the most practical way. Please do not get me wrong. I am not against travelling.  Go ahead if you need to. I am speaking for myself.

Here I am back to blogging again. Just like saying hello to my blogging buddies and readers.  This blog is still alive. I may not be consistent with my post but  I can assure everyone this blog will stay until such time I can no longer type and run out of ideas.  I will be in touch with more stories.   My pillows are now waiting for me in my bed. 

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