Saturday, November 24, 2018

Christmas is Fast Approaching

As the Christmas season is fast approaching City of Manila is again on heavy traffic during rush hours and weekends.  Oh, well some may disagree with me as everyday it is always traffic jam.  I am thankful I am work early morning. I am not affected. 

I am lucky to be working in a BPO company? Not really. There are still pros and cons. I got work on Christmas and New Year. There were few allotted slots for the whole chat tech support team to file for vacation leave this Christmas.  There are three teams with at least 20 to 25 people. First come, first come first serve. I was on vacation leave at the start of filing for vacation leave for the whole month of December. Although we can log in to the website where to file our vacation leave, my computer acted up. I had to frantically work on filing using my smart phone.  I am not a great typist on my laptop, but better that pressing the keypad on my smart phone.

Last year I got lucky. It is okay. I am used working on occasions like this.  My family knew, I will be absent again from Noche Buena table. 

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