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Monday, March 10, 2008


Being natural is beautiful. Ever admired a sunset? City life may deprive you from having to watch this often. I happened to admire this impeccable wonder again, at one of the beaches in Batangas City, a Southern Tagalog Region in Luzon, Philippines.

I am a person who does not enjoy night life, except for being at work, but out of town activities are a go for me. City life has so many things to offer, it is just that, maybe I got so used to be living and working in the busy city for almost twenty-five years. I had the opportunity to be invited by a friend. At first I hesitated to go because I do not know some of those invited. It was actually a family affair of my lady friend. We had not seen each other for quite a long time and she thought of inviting me on weekend out of town. In as much as I do not want to spoil the plan and knowing one of her sisters, I accepted the invitation.

I lost counts as to how many hours we had travelled from Manila to Batangas City, from listening to her unrelenting stories and my dozing offs in betweens. She drives a sports car with all her golf bags and clubs at the rear. I thought we were to set from Manila with companies but it was just a twosome ride. Her relatives were among the advance parties but I was wondering why all of them. I chuckled at the thought that maybe she was late due to her work commitments. She wanted me to tag along so she would not have to travel all by herself. She actually showed me a map and she would call her sister from her mobile phone once in a while. Not a problem for me at all, I did enjoy the joyride and her stories.

We arrived at the place at around ten in the morning and I was introduced to her relatives, after the long introductions I had forgotten most of the names. We were served with steaming coffee, rice and all kinds of steamed and broiled seafood to my delight. Her relatives hailed from Cebu City, at the Visayan Island of the Philippines, but some are now settled in California in the U.S. After the meal, we thought of being in our swim wears, not forgetting the sunblock lotion, to enjoy the beach. The place is not that one you will enjoy swimming but with the snorkelling gears you get to enjoy pecking at the beautiful corals and relatives of Nemo. I enjoyed the clown fish and the glittering waters at the strike of sunlight.

Noontime and early afternoon activities were sleeping time for those who cared for their skin despite the sunblock lotion. White wines and beers to those who are good story tellers, I was glad I was given a choice to do what I wanted. It was in late afternoon we went to the beach again to pick out some stones for memorabilia for coming to the place. We had to hide a young corral in swim cap, accidentally plucked by my friend’s nephew in his teens. We had been at the place laughing and going around we hardly noticed it was sundown.

It was beautiful! The sun about to set is impeccable!

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