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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Be A Happy Blogger

I am curious just about anything. I want to explore just like that of child curious about the environment. Being busy with work does not prevent me from enhancing my imagination and so be it, creativity. I would admit of course there are more professionals in every field of endeavour. But I would say my “talent” quote, unquote and curiosity lead me to discovery of something that becomes a hobby and pastime in days I became bored with the usual daily activities.

I was with a friend the other day and she was just a bit not in good mood. I thought I could practice the art of listening once in a while. She blurted out. “Have you ever thought once why some people are financially gifted while you are not? Have you ever thought despite you are better looking than your neighbor her boyfriend drives an expensive sports car? “

My reply- “Come on … stop agonizing on things you do not have. Why not start counting on your blessings and talents your neighbor does not posses? Uh… oh…, am I speaking of myself? Not really, just encouraging you. Why not get occupied with something creative rather that wallowing on negative emotions? After sharing two cups of coffee and my favorite blue berry cheese cake, we headed to a computer store. She chose a not so expensive lap top and took it home.

Thanks to my youngest brother and his beloved wife for sharing with me their knowledge about computer. Since that time the machine was introduced to me I have been an avid fan to the jealousy I guess of my pocket books. I had been a bookworm due to my insomnia. Pocket books were my company in those nights I was deprived of sleep. I am happy my insomnia was cured. How? I got a job that let me work at night.

Guys, I am not a computer wiz. I do not have the budget to study in a computer school more so, with the luxury of time to sit in a classroom. Did I mention I am curious just about anything? It took a while before I learned to place my fingers at the keyboard as well as to learn the functions of the tool and task bar in my computer. At least I survived by mere self study. Oh, and thanks to the inventor of cell phones. They came in handy when I need some tutorials from friends.

What did I gain from learning the computer anyways? I got my Call Center job, I could communicate easily to my family overseas, I had known my international friends, met my best friend, and now I learned to Blog.

I further admonished my young friend. “Come on kiddo, it is not difficult to start your Blog. Just let you imagination work. I know you got computer subjects is school so why not enhance your talent by being imaginative. Let the whole world know you can do it. It is a tribute to your English teacher if he would be able to read what you are writing online. Reward yourself likewise from Blogging. There are many ways you could earn by simply finding ways online. So why agonize on thing you do not have? You have other talents and lots of them to show to the World Wide Web. “

Happy Blogging!

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