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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Heart to Heart Talks

According to studies most heart attacks are the end result of years of silent but progressive coronary artery disease. Meaning one could suddenly succumb to fatal heart attack even without exhibiting symptoms of heart disease. Heart attack is sudden interruption or insufficiency of the supply of blood to the heart, typically resulting from occlusion or obstruction of a coronary artery and often characterized by severe chest pain. It is also medically termed as myocardial infarction. Myocardial infarction occurred when arteries supplying oxygen to the muscles of the heart is blocked. Heart tissue dies when deprived of oxygen.

We all know that stress is one of the contributors of heart attack but studies had shown that attitude and healthy life style could prevent this illness. Genetically, if your parents have heart ailments you are also prone to have this kind of disease. Normally, stress could be managed by exercise to release the tension in our bodies. The thing is some people instead of having exercise they would rather go with smoking and drinking. Smoking according to some of my colleague is one way they could release the work related tensions from within their bodies. I reacted contrary to their notions. I told them they are just adding more load to their bodies when in lieu of smoking they should go for a walk or swim if they could not afford to go to the gym. That is if indeed they would like to rid themselves of tensions.

Good eating habit is one way of having a healthy lifestyle. Refrain from stuffing yourself up with food that could increase your weight. Food loaded with calories must be avoided to prevent from unwanted weight increases. To some who are in their thirties weight increase is something that is difficult to manage. If you are having difficulty in reducing your weight try to limit food intake with much higher calories. Vegetables and fruits are the best. Should you try some reducing pills make sure to consult your doctor. Some reducing pills could result to palpitations and rapid heart rates.

During your free time, read books, see a movie, go to the mall and have some window shopping. Window shopping is good, you will never know you had been walking a lot already, yet you enjoy looking around. Just be sure not to get overwhelmed and started to swipe your credit card every time you see an item you liked. The more you will get tense seeing your bill the next time you received your monthly billing statement.

Take care of yourself. Have a tension free lifestyle. Love your heart.

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