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Thursday, May 29, 2008

For - Ever Beautiful

The other day I met a lady from another department at our office, while having my breakfast at our office cafeteria. I am not sure where our conversation topic was led to, but she mentioned she was 27 years old. And, yet to my estimate I thought she had just gone out college and barely in her teens. I told her. She looked like she is just 18 years old to me. Speaking of age this is actually the topic I tried to avoid. That is probably the reason why a gentleman should not ask a lady about her age. With my conversation with the young lady, since she volunteered her age, I believed I owe her the courtesy of honesty about the topic. I was a bit flattered when she blurted out I look younger than my age. Quite a good compliment, and if we are to create our own association or a club MAS would be the most appropriate name. MAS, is acronym for Mutual Admiration Society.

What is my secret? She had asked. Well, nothing fancy. I do not wear make up, but I do put on sunblock whenever I would go out of the house when the sun is up. I am an umbrella fan. I do not mind carrying a bulky bag as long as I have my folding umbrella inside. I am glad I was able to find a brand of an umbrella that could last a bit longer. I had experimented with almost every kind of brand I could find at department stores. Finally, I found the durable one. By the way, I used at least SPF 25 sunblock lotion when going out in the sun despite my umbrella. Sunblock is cheaper than seeing a derma to have a sun damage skin, treated. I use skin moisturizer and massage my face gently to at least lessen facial wrinkles. I walk regularly for exercise as I seldom go to the pool now-a-days to take a swim.

Attitude I guess is another thing that makes one looks younger. I am not saying you should be carefree. What I am trying to convey is, you should not wallow in agony trying to find the answer on things you do not have. We all know everyone wanted to have a good life. But what is really a good life? Would that mean beautiful looks? Good health or financial stability? We can not have all the good things in life. There will always be something missing. Either you have two of those you wanted and at want of another. I believed what matters most is our attitude of having serenity within ourselves and knowing that having positive outlook in life can attract positive events. This I call serendipity.

Just do your best and the rest are to follow. Have faith, have the right attitude and you will see. Your body has the healing power by itself. You will attract positive vibes if you have a positive outlook in life. This is the keys to happiness, and you will see.
You will be … for-ever beautiful!

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