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Monday, August 04, 2008

Do what now Billy?

After several months of not keeping in touch my online friend I fondly called Billy resurfaced. We had a nice chat yesterday. I was surprised he looked a lot better and in good shape. I believed he really had disciplined himself with his working out at the gym. Good health after all is a priceless gem.

Buddy, my apology for not communicating, I thought you’d been too busy at work and other stuff. I didn’t bother to write. It really came to me as a surprised when you’d initiated the chat. Thanks! I thought you’d forgotten your old friend. Oppss! I mean not in age but the length of time we’d spent being online buddies. (lol) Thanks for the laughter as well.

Congratulations to you my friend for the best effort you’d put into your company. Seems you gonna be a millionaire in the years to come. Would you consider heading a new brotherhood program? Say, adopt- a- friend program, on top of your soup kitchen? You got a volunteer here buddy.

Kidding aside my best wishes to you my friend. Hope you’ll find Ms. Right soon. By then I’ll be the happiest person in the world for you. You take care, always…

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