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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Thanks God It's Saturday! :)

Whew! I’m glad Saturdays and Sundays are part of the week. Despite some stuff to be done at home I’m happy to be in my room watching TV and being online. The weekdays spent at work is no boring but talking to a lot of people trying to solve their problem I guess is not too easy to do. Glad, I survived another week of 11 hours working!

Somehow, I’m happy to make some of the customers laughed with some jokes I could come up with, while trying to work out their concern for calling. I know life is continuous battle against pressure in our daily crave for survival. It’s why some people would just simply like to laugh just for the sake of getting rid of tensions in their bodies. I also do the same. I’m glad I’m back online. If I need to smile and laugh after a days work, I could surf the net for some jokes no matter how corny they could be. ;)

Well … well… well… people of the world, just take it easy. Leave a room for yourself to enjoy and rid your bodies of tensions. Work like a horse for the sake of getting a good retirement for your old age, but have time to relax too. For the Dads and Moms who wanted their kids to enjoy a luxury of lifestyle. Yes you can work hard to achieve you goal but do remember to take time to relax and enjoy. Pressures and tensions could eat you up before you know it.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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