Friday, March 13, 2009

Career Path

What is your plan after getting your high school diploma? A question you had probably replied to when your pretty girl seatmate handed you her slumbook. You had not noticed the blush on her checks when she handed you the small note book. It is a simple but meaningful question. Kind of you tried to figure out for few seconds before you finally skipped the question and proceeded to the next.

So your mom wants you to be a doctor but you hate to see blood? Or your dad wants you to be a priest. It is because he happened to see your mom and decided to be out of the seminary and accepted the challenge of having his own family instead? Your buddy on the other hand wants the two of you to be in computer school. You two are fascinated with arts and want to make it big later in animation industry. Are you in a situation confused on which career path to take?

Follow the desire of your heart. Wherever you think you will excel and you feel you are geared to succeed, go for it. Do not take a course you feel your heart is not in it. After all it is your future that is at stake. In choosing a career path make sure it is what you really want to become. You would have the commitment to work on it come what may. Remember you are building your future. It is good to establish a solid foundation when choosing a career.

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