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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sweet Success

On the 4th quarter of last year we had been advised there will be a change in the computer system of our client. There had been talks it would be in Feb 2009 it would go on test run in Manila Philippines. Our client has customer service in the Texas, El Salvador, Guatemala and Manila Philippines. When I am asked by some customers of our client of my location, I would reply the call was routed to Manila Philippines. They are unable to believe what they heard of how come they are located in Texas yet being served by someone from the Philippines. My quick answer, the World Wide Web made it possible for people to communicate wherever we are.

The change in the system was introduced to us partly in August last year. But it was the US and Guatemala sites who were the first beneficiaries of the change. It was not until December last year and January 2009 that the training had been going on Manila sites. For those who had been trained ahead they said it is not an easy program. One of my classmates in our training days when we were hired, three years ago, gave me a hint. The new system is not user friendly. Manila site was quiet for a while and we thought we will be excempted from using the new computer system. Or if the system will be introduced to us, not all of us will be using it.

We all knew the other sites had been using the program that had resulted in streaming down of the number of work force. Either those who did not like the new system transferred to another Call Center or the Management did not like their work attitude. Until sometime in February, there had been several of us being pulled out from our regular shift to undergo training. Gosh! I thought to myself, this is the reality. Manila site is not exempted. Comes March, most of my colleagues at the escalation team were on training. Saturday, March 12 all of us Account Supervisors had a special treat from our client while we listen to an eight hour lecture about the company, its operation and the new computer system.

Monday, March 16 was the reckoning day for all of those who had attended the training ahead of the batch I belong. Our Team Captain had them reported for work two hours early to check on the computer they are to use before the full swing of the new computer system takes into effect. I really cannot tell if I got lucky for being among the last batch of trainees as my colleagues from the escalation team wrestled with the new computer system and the demanding customers. I went out from the training room on break time to see how my fellow Account Supervisors were handling the calls. I know most of them had just concluded their two weeks training, not too familiar yet with the navigation. I was surprised they were all in high spirit. We were all treated with the biggest boxes of Yellow Cab Pizza that night.

Last night, the second night for the new computer system. When I reported for my training I was so happy to get an e-mail from our client who came all the way from Texas to observe the first night when the new system was in full force. Apparently they had listened to some of the calls. They were glad to listen to the relax voice of my colleagues as if nothing had been changed despite the difficulty in the system navigation. At my training break I saw all our Team Captains in huddled with the Office Managers, congratulating them selves for the success of the first night of the new computer system. I was all smile, I know my colleagues were part of the overwhelming success. I hope by the time I hit the floor two weeks after my training. I will be a contributor as well, for the continued success of the whole Manila site.
--------------------------------Kudos to my colleagues! You are the best!

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