Thursday, December 31, 2009

What Is Up For 2010?


Whether we like it or not, 2010 is coming. Done with your New Year’s resolution folks? And where had you written them to get you reminded of? I hope not on your walls where you could wipe them off when you do your house cleaning. Neither in your computer, you could, delete them inadvertently. I had stopped creating mine. At least I will not feel guilty if I may not be able to fulfill them. Oppss, sour grapes!

Actually my concern this year is mainly to focus on my saving monies for my retirement and maybe to be used for little traveling locally or maybe abroad. I still have plans after I decide to retire from my present job. But, I do not want a job that I would be restrained by work schedules and traffic jams. So, that is about it. My retirement plan will start in 2010.

Nothing much to say about the Christmas holidays, I was at work. Too late for me to file my vacation leave. Most of my officemates had grand vacation during Christmas and New Year while I was at work. But, one thing good with my staying at work. I was able to assist some customers who had difficulty paying their bills due to the holiday celebration. I am glad I made some people happy in my little own ways. Nope, I did not give them some monies to pay their bills. I granted them payment extension for few days. What else?

Let us all hope for the best in 2010. And whatever lies ahead we have to remember at all times, despite the odds, life is beautiful!

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