Monday, January 25, 2010

An Open Letter

Dear Bloggers,

I am elated for the overwhelming acceptance from all of you since I created my profile this month with Bloggers, MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog. To be honest I had slacken my post for several months as I got hooked up on other friendly sites, likewise I got really busy. I got lucky though I met real friends in there who gave me the advice not to let up writing.

No Bloggers, your princess had not fallen in loved with anyone in particular to shall we say, caused the neglect. I had fallen in loved with many of them. Kidding aside, I just got so busy with work. In assisting customers with various issues, such that when I came home I am devoid of ideas what to tell my readers. I do not want to just post anything nonsense. I just let it go by and post whenever I could.

I promised myself this year it would be different. If I posted one, last year I will make it double or even triple. Hey, hey, do not get smart on me with your math, okay? What about in those months I had not posted anything? Let us forget about the zero, okay? As I had written I do not want to write a New Years resolution but a commitment, to make it happen in 2010. So, like it or not your princess will be part of the World Wide Web more often. Did I get a nod from you? Applause!

To those you had invited me to their sites I may not be able to visit your sites at once. But I am coming any time soon like a thief in the night. Oh, no please do not get me wrong. I thief will take something out from you. Your princess knows very well the existence of plagiarism in the dictionary. Kudos Bloggers! Much more than thank you for your comments. Gee! Smile for me online, too.

Your web jolly partner,
Jolly Princess

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