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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bill Issue

“Why is my bill this outrageous? Send someone back to my house to read my meter. Your meter reader is guessing my electric usage!”

These are the common statements and questions we received from customers during winter and summer months. Mind you guys, sometimes I am at a lost for words to say. Especially if a lady with a baby crying on her lap would start yelling at the mouthpiece of her phone.

Gosh! I just chuckled at the thought of merely firing back at her. Well, almost, and it should be in this manner. “Hey! We belong to the same Homo sapiens specie. Like you I have ears too!” But I have to keep it cool, lest the party on the other line might demand to speak with a manager. That would mean dead end for my average handling time (AHT) due to a long queue.

So, what could have caused high electricity bills? Here are some of the common ones and what to do.

First, determine if meter was read or if bill is estimated. If you determine that high bill is due to excessive kilowatt hour usage then that gives you a signal to determine which of your appliances are causing the high bill. Remember, the use of electricity does not necessarily mean you have to switch on or off something in your house.

If you are using water heater be sure that it is set at proper temperature. Even if you do not open your shower, water is already heated when it comes out of the sprinkler or your faucet. That means there is already electricity being consumed. Plugged in appliances are culprits to high electricity bills.

Recommended setting of your heater on winter months should at least be 70 Decrees Fahrenheit or lower. Be ready for a high bill if you set it up more than 70. With regard to automatic heater, when there is change in temperature. It will make your heater work harder to attain the desired temperature inside your house, thus consuming more electricity.

If you have access to internet you are lucky. Let your fingers do the walking on your keyboard. There are countless recommendations on how to save on your KWH usage that would in turn enable you to save your hard earned monies from paying high electricity bills.


Riza said...

I'm glad I finally found Meralco's MAC, I can do estimation on my electric consumption. It pays to pay attention ^____^x

Wolverine said...

hi! hello there jolly princess..! nice thought about the electricity bill, here in saudi arabia electric power consumption its a not big deal, it was cheaper that i expected.

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