Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Missing WWW for Days

I had missed the World Wide Web again for at least two days, not because I had forgotten to pay my bill. But the usual, my getting service disconnect from the server of my internet provider. Until now my provider could not give me a single answer, why? Anyhow, the reason for service interruption is not a big issue to me, as long as they fix my connection the soonest possible time. As well as, they could avoid future service interruptions. Internet is part of my life. I felt I am losing a leg when my connection is halted.

In my previous blog, I had pointed out there had been a time in mid 2008 I been without service for three months. Sometime in 2009, someone stole or cut off the line connected from the pole to our house. How did it happen? My provider had remained silent. If only apologies could be converted to cash. I would be richer by now. During the first year of my broadband subscription, towards the middle of 2008, I had not experienced service interruption. Until a neighbor and an internet café close to our house, subscribed to the same provider I have.

Why the service interruption? I had to figure it out myself. Either my connection is used by someone else illegally. Or the up stream and down stream of the internet connection is causing my service to be disconnected from the server of my provider. I lost counts, but whenever there is a system outage in some areas my connection is always affected. I would suddenly have a faster connection than normal. After several hours enjoying the fast connection my service would suddenly stopped.

Honestly, I do hope someone from my provider would listen to what I had been saying to their customer service, who answers my call. Every time I would report service interruption. I know the going concern concept in business. I know competitive market strategy. But the strategy is hurting some consumers due to the neglect in the deliver of quality service. Subscribers are being offered with freebies and low cost of internet connections. The catch is consumers also get free headache, due to the poor delivery of service.

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Pokagon Member said...

bohzo Jolly Princess

That is terrible, i always have the same problem, i find the internet to have soooo many bugs and flaws, you would think they would have mastered this by not, but we are dealing with human beings and i believe that is the problem.

Have a great day!

Jolly Princess said...

So, it is worldwide phenomenon then. ;) I am glad though my provider fixed my connection this time, asap. Otherwise their customer service will receive another long e-mail from me. Anyway they give me credits for system outages. Thanks for the input David.

pasarjogja said...

just reading,
i hope, no more "missing WWW" again.

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