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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Their Secrets

I read an article about a married couple who are to share their secrets how they managed their relationship to stay intact through the years. The article says one can submit questions by twitting the couple and they are to choose questions they would prefer to answer. It was too late for me to interact with them on Twitter. I read about the article after Valentines Day. The article says it is good until the 14th of February.

I once attended a wedding of a friend, a Filipina who married her British boyfriend. Her parents in law, both Britons had been married for forty six years. When the old man was asked what is the secret or their long married life. The old man quickly responded – Always follow what your wife says. – Laugher followed.

My parents fulfilled their marriage vow Till Death Do Us Part. They were married for forty three years. When my father got sick and before he succumbed to liver cancer ten years ago, my mother never left his bedside. Dutifully took care of my father until his very end. Now mother is eighty years old, and still treasure the good memories. My siblings and I were witnessed to some of their misunderstandings but our parents managed to iron out the little crisp in their relationship.

I believed our parents secret and the main ingredient in longevity of the marriage was living a simple life. Now a day, we strive to make life easier but our lifestyle becomes complex. As our lifestyle becomes complex we have demands and standards we wanted to achieve. I guess we should take pause, make a checklist if necessary to better understand our priorities.

Spouses should know each ones duties and responsibilities as they build their home together. Loving someone entails responsibilities. And, never letup to remind each other, you are the best of friends.

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