Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Busy Week

I had a good start this week. Not only because the week started with Valentines Day and Chinese New Year celebrations. But I received a post office notification I have a parcel to be claimed. I received the notice Friday, last week. I had scheduled the pick up the following Monday 15th of February. But I had migraine for over sleeping. I went to our post office Tuesday morning after work.

The parcel is a Christmas present from a friend in UK. It maybe late but it hit two occasions, Christmas and Valentines Day. I never lost hope the parcel will soon arrive and yes it did. Post office maybe called snail mail but still they are reliable. I was so excited opening the parcel. I was so happy getting a new set of item to be displayed in my room. Thank you dearest for the lovely gift. I will treasure it as I cherished our friendship.

I had some errand done for my sister Wednesday. I picked up the birth certificate of my niece from our National Statistics office. The girl needed it as required by school on her college graduation. I was glad to have some walking done and hopping the stair going up and down to get a ride at our Metro Rail Transit. Ever climbed a stair going up the fourth level of a building? That was how far I did with my going up and down the stair. Please do not get me wrong readers. There is elevator and escalator available to get to the upper floors. I climbed the stair on purpose for the sake of getting some exercise.

It was like a treadmill exercise. Getting off the train was a short distance walk to get home. My blouse was soaked with sweat. The cold shower was so refreshing. I just fought hard to refrain from opening the freeze to look what were inside. I nibbled and finished up a packet of cracker. After drying my hair, went to sleep soundly until the alarm of my cell phone went off signaling a preparation for another night duty.

The week ended with a breakfast with my teammates courtesy of our team captain. Our team hit an overall average of 92% in our quality assurance score for the second week of February. This is actually a repeat performance for our team. We do hope though we will reach 100% average QA score coupled with a good average handling time.

Congratulations teammates!
Good start for the Lunar New Year!

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Pokagon Member said...

bohzo Jolly Princess

That is a very long time to be married, they sound like a very loving couple, my parents are the same, they have been married since being kids.

I am glad that i never had to grow up and old with a broken family.

Have a great day!


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