Monday, March 01, 2010

My Rumbling Thoughts

I just thought …

What is the difference of a smile from a laugh?

In a sudden smile, folks smile back at you, wanted to get close to you and treated you with dignity. In a sudden laugh, folks distanced from you, and tell their friends you are crazy.

No man is an island. That is true because no one would like to be left alone in an island. How about you?

Yeah, it sounds corny. I know. Glad I had chosen a personal blog. In this way I could write anything I wanted to. I am simply trying to gain momentum to create another blog. I am tasked by my team mates to create a blog for our team. Suddenly, I am devoid of ideas how to start. I thought of a name already. Even created our Facebook account but while figuring out how to start a new blog, I just wanted to say something there. Hush! Do not let them know I tattled, okay?

I am pretty much occupied today at home. Thanks goodness the law of the land allows at least two days of rest for a week of working. Unless you would like to get richer, you can go ahead work overtime for additional remunerations. Oh, no Smiley Karen. When you decide to finally run for Congress, please never try to seek for amendment of our Labor Code. If that happens, I might seek asylum with Lt. Ace in Spratly Island. Suraj will miss his future secretary. Readers, these are there the three bloggers I had given the highest votes in simply because I am convinced they are good writers. I know I am only half way with my internet readings but rest assured I will be visiting your blogs in your least expected hours. I am coming like a thieft in the night.

Did you know that it is so fulfilling to receive accolades from your fellow bloggers? To some who had given me good ratings in the websites I met you. My biggest THANKS to you, all. And to my followers and viewers I promise not to let you down. Together we will sow havoc at World Wide Web. Oppss! Sorry for the word as I do not want my blog deleted from here. Let me think of the word to type. Hmmm…Let me rephrase what I typed. Let me consult Answers.Com first. Okies! It should be. Together we will sow great blogs at the World Wide Web. I hope that is acceptable enough. My spelling is bad at times. Blame it on my fingers that do not cooperate with my brain.


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