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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

First of March

Finally, after a month of using a public phone and alternately borrowing the home phone of my neighbor, mine is working alright now. Yesterday, I received a polite call from the tech of my provider who checked on my phone if it was already working. I was surprised of his question but I did reply by simply saying “Thank you, for fixing my phone”. I told him likewise my internet connection is working a bit faster than the usual. He apologized for my inconvenience. I told him I need cash. I was answered by a hearty laugh. Before I went to work last night, I e-mailed the Customer Service my provider, demanded for credits on my next month bill.

It is nice to be home after another night of getting at least fifty calls on different customers issues. I may not have pleased all of them due to company policies but I believed I did my best in trying to assist them. The new computer system is another challenge for me. I got used to the old one. I missed it especially when I am watching my average handling time (AHT). When you work in Call Center, you will never have to worry about getting dead brain cells. It gets your way of thinking active at all times.

Our team accordingly managed to get a good attendance this week, despite some late comers and few absences. My teammates and I are hoping we will get the promised cash reward, for our team building. My young colleagues are just excited as I am and keeping our fingers crossed we will receive the money at once for us to be able to plan our team building ahead of time. I do hope too, my young teammates will choose a place close Manila. I want to make use of my rest day.

Getting home and after spending few minutes at the shower room. I got seated at my favorite spot in my room and read my e-mails. Logged on to websites I normally visit. Post something at the forums moderated by some ever faithful bloggers. Rearranged some of my widgets and happy to add a personalized widget with my photo on it. Thank you, I looked so cute in my widget. That photo of mine was actually taken by me from my Nokia cell phone. I almost get cross- eyed taking that photo. Glad I looked so cute in there. No violent reaction folks. This is my blog remember. (lol)

Okay, this is it for now folks, bed time for your princess before I slip off my computer chair. See you guys in my nightmare. I mean my dreams.

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