Monday, March 08, 2010

Congratulations Graduates

I received good news regarding my nephew and my niece who finally are able to comply with all the requirements for their college graduation. They are cousins.

My nephew looks forward to finish school as he would like to concentrate on his web designing after his graduation. He took a business related course at Polytechnic University of the Philippines. He finally realized getting a good education is needed even if he plans to venture into his own business. He even plans to take another course, related to web designing for additional credentials.

When my nephew was in high school, I sort of had some doubts he would make it in college. He is intelligent and talented, but too lazy to study. His friends must have played a great influence on him. As he grew older, he became more responsible and had matured in his decision makings. He sent me sms to my cell phone his graduation will be by the 6th of May.

Another sms came from my sister. The graduation of my niece is this coming 27th of March. My niece took Digital Animation at The Ateneo University. Digital Animation is very demanding, and expensive course. My sister would cut back on other house expenses to sustain the schooling of my niece. Months before the graduation was announced, my niece would spend sleepless nights to work on her school projects. She has to submit the projects on specified date by their school dean as passport to her graduation.

I am so happy for both of them. It seems they were just the little kids running around teasing each other. Now, they are young professionals. Oh, and I guess since all of us are very much interested in computer, websites and animation. Who knows we might have our own website in the near future like that of Yahoo or Google, maybe. To dream does not cost anything anyway. Why not dream big time?


Arindam said...

Congrats to your nephew and niece for their graduation. And ofcourse wish you a very good luck for making a website like yahoo or goole. What would be the name of that site? Jolly or Princess or something else???
Btw, Wish you a very happy women's day

Jolly Princess said...

You made me smile with your comment my friend. Thank you much for congratulating my nephew and my niece. Oh, and the website? ;) I might think of another name. I do not want the name to be like my blog because I want my blog to be unique. (lol) Just kidding, okay? The kids can work on their own likings. As long as they are happy. I would be happy for them.

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