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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Go For the Best

Once again the strength of the team performance and strong camaraderie had been proven by our team. It was for garnering an above average score in quality assurance (QA) at the recently concluded Love Month top performers. I am happy to represent my teammates in getting our plaque of appreciation at a simple ceremony held at our office, last Thursday, the 4th of March. Our team had 95% quality assurance score, month ending February 2010. This is a special award for the month of February. February being a Love Month is dedicated to our customers. Our office gave special recognitions to all above and beyond performers for the Love Month.

Our team captain was on vacation leave and some of my team mates were on day off. While some, dutifully attended to customer high bill calls at their work stations. They were not allowed to be on break to witness the occasion. Acting as proxy, I received the award to the applause of our trainers and those who witnessed the awarding ceremony. I recalled I did not perform well in my audit scores but thanks to my team mates for working hard that once again had proven that we are one of the best!

My team mates who were on day off Thursday, reported for work last night as well as our team captain. The Certificate of Recognition was proudly displayed at the desk of our team captain. We know our team captain is just as happy as we are for the whole team for our Love Month performance. Getting fewer calls last night, we were allowed to go in huddle to plan for the month of March. There are slight changes on the categories each agent has to be scored. From my observations though, how my team mates performed despite the odds of our new computer system, we can achieve our goal together.

Right before our huddle cooled off, as we had to go back to our desk to attend to the calls of the customers, that suddenly swollen in numbers. We were able to have partial planning about our teambuilding. We earnestly look forward to get the funds anytime soon. We have to work on our budget. The money is our cash award for getting a good attendance, also in honor of the love month.

                                                   Go Tejas! ♥ You are the BEST! ♥             

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