Monday, March 22, 2010

The Journey

Yesterday, I visited my father at the momorial park he was laid to rest. I have not visited the place for quite a long time being busy for these past few months. The caretaker was happy to see me. I apologized for the delay of his allowance. He said no need for apology he knew I will be visiting. You would have thought the place is quiet, but no. Families in groups would normally visit with packed lunch and would stay for several hours. Kids play catch me if you can or visit some of the plots and count the candles left behind by early visitors.

I am not close to my father, nor my mother being independent way back in my teens. I did not run from home on purpose. I know it was tough for my father, seeing two of his children leaving home in our quest for higher education. My brother next to me was the first to leave home and got himself a job as a messenger. The income my father was getting did not suffice to entitle us, his children to go to college. No matter how simple life was, way back then. My first employment was as a clerk at a near by town. My employer allowed me to go to school at night. I had to survive on a very tight budget. My employer allowed me to stay in their house along with my other lady officemates to augment for the low salary they were giving us.

I guess it was destiny. I was helped by a friend to go to Manila. My mother was crying. Manila is too far-away from home and would not let me go. Father, knowing I am getting used to my independence gave the blessing. It was tough being a housemaid and study at night. I was not given a salary. My employer paid for my tuition fees and gave me transportation allowance. Despite the time constraints I managed to qualify for scholarship. Thanks to my good memory. My employer gave me the refund of my tuition fees the first time I offered it to her. It was my reward accordingly for working so hard. I failed to qualify however in my last two years before graduation. Accounting subjects are tough. I do not have time to solve my home work.

After six years of staying in college my hard work paid off, I finished the four years course in six years. I was so happy seeing my name on the list of graduating students. It was tough job. I did not how I did it. There were times emotion was high. Knowing your beloved best friend was seeing someone else. I just thought to myself this set back is only temporary. I will be victorious if I have the right mind set. I could win some, but lose some. Yes, I lost him after my college graduation. Life has its ups and downs. I may not have a perfect life no matter how I aim for it. I may have wronged some people but it was unintentional. In life I have learned the quest for competition never ends.

Furthermore, life is continues learning. No matter what happens just do the best and the rest will follow. Rewards may not come too soon. But there will be, at the end of the rainbow when the sun shines tomorrow.



ravali said...

you will definitely get the right job which u deserve at the future for sure.

Iosif said...

I beg you to sign in my Fallowers for the mistake at the beginning of the blog I had 2 Fallowers and saving space on the second wish to delete! Please excuse the mess and greetings respect!

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