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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Winning Spirit

Days passed by too fast. We are on the second week of the tight race for average handling time. Our team topped the quality assurance not only in our division but for the whole account for two consecutive weeks in March. We were elated getting an e-mail last Tuesday. It was from our Division Office Manager (OM), congratulating our team for being number one in quality assurance score for the whole account. We would have been happier though had we been the number one team in average handling time. No giving up yet. As long as we are given equal distribution of calls, there is no doubt our team will topped in all the metrics for the month of March.

My team mates and I have same work schedules this week, compared to the previous months. Some are just ahead by an hour. We are happy we have time to chat in between lulls in our calls. We talked anything under the sun. From lifestyles, music, movies and most importantly love life. Love makes the world go round as they say. For the young ones, there is no other more interesting topic but the topic about love. I typed correctly. They are younger than I am. Our quality assurance scores lifted our spirits. To the extent, we do not want to have lulls in our calls. We wanted to improve on our average handling time. That is, dedicated to the team.

Two more weeks to go before the month of March is concluded. The challenge for the number one team for average handling is on going. We are on target for the other metrics, but average handling time. I could see the fighting spirit of my team mates. The smile I see from their faces at the end of every shift inspires me. Last night, all of us received no less than 60 calls. My throat was parched from non stop talking. I almost choke on my words on what to tell a customer about high bill inquiries. Thanks to the diligence of those that surround me. The high spirit will make us win.


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all the best for your team!!!!!!
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