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Monday, April 05, 2010

Give Change a Chance

Last Friday April 2, we were anxious to know how our team faired with our division and the whole account. Our team captain advised us there is no result yet. There are at least six teams in our division. The teams are composed of a team captain and eleven customer care representatives. I lost counts how many divisions we have in our account. It seems there are always new faces I see on the floor due to the ever changing computer system in our account. Customer care representatives come and go. There are also the lures of other call centers offering much higher salaries than our company. I chose to stay because I do not want to be changing companies. I will hold on for as long as I can.

Comes Monday, April the 5th all customer care representatives will face another challenge. Our computer system had once again been updated to possibly become more customers friendly. We were also informed in our latest training there were revisions. The revisions accordingly will not only be customer friendly but user friendly. Meaning it will be easier to navigate. We are keeping our fingers crossed that due to these major revisions and updates. Our computer will not hang or froze just like our previous experience when the new system was introduced.

The new requirement for the average handling time (AHT) is tough. I personally noticed that most of the quality assurance (QA) results were sacrificed leading to low scores. I hope team captains should be wary of the results of the quality assurance scores not only because their teams hurdled the averaging handling time requirements. To my observations, some new customer care representatives are deprived of their learning advancements. For the reasons instead of handling the calls, they have to escalate, to properly address the customer concerns. This is merely because they are required to have lower average handling time.

Somehow, we have high hopes that in the coming days all things will work together for a positive results. I was telling a colleague. Let us give the change a change. A bit of a tongue twister, huh? For myself I hope I will continue to improve my average handing time and maintain my passing quality assurance scores. And hopefully, I will get less irate callers.


ravali said...

ohhhh my lots of work!!!!!!!

Marissa said...

call centers have a very high rate in terms of transitions. yes people come and go, and sadly even those who doesn't deserve to go are also let go, by any or all means; aht is too humanely impossible to meet, i guess i can say that im proud of being a resilient agent so aht is not a problem with me and i can say that most of my calls doesn't need escalations. also, there's other things to consider like, first call resolution, and customer satisfaction. I think in this case what you can do is focus on both customer satisfaction and aht. i dont really know what type of calls you take, but say it's an international account and there are irate callers; you can probably let them speak first to gauge the problem and directly deal with the problem by equipping yourself through k-base if you have those. in my experience, when a customer calls in and is irate and speaks loud and fast like they're going to blow their heads off by speaking alone, i listen to them and i don't go any further with the "greeting" and just head on with the "i'm sorry this has been an inconvenience with you, i may be able to assist you if you can give me these information, blah blah" sorry i spoke too much...anywho, i'm glad that you're still able to hold on ^____^x

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