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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Sharing My Summer Thoughts

April fool was not felt much among Filipinos as it happens to be a day of Lent. Many had set aside their jokes in reverence to the Christian celebration of Lenten month. Meanwhile in Manila, we feel the summer months are to come soon. This is judging from the warmer weather that started even in the month of March. Philippines being a tropical country have only two seasons, summer and rainy seasons. April warm weather could be felt in Manila and nearby cities outside the metropolis. Graduations and school vacations had also started as early as the end of the week of March. School vacation is time for family vacations.

Being off from school activities, some parents might be thinking of going out of town. Some well off families may even plan to go abroad. This is to reward their children who had worked hard to maintain good grades in school. Reward system works as motivating factors for children. Due to modern technologies, children tend to be attracted to amusements some gadgets could offer, rather than their lessons. Communications between parents and children should not be taken for granted. In any relationship one of the tools to achieve harmony is communication.

Why not reward your children when you need them to? Encourage them in the manner they will not feel inferior of themselves. Comparing a child with an older brother or his friend could cause a child to withdraw to the point of merely keeping to himself his thoughts. It is the responsibility of parents to make a home for their children. Youngsters feel pressure from their peers, schools, and even within themselves in the process of growing up. Parents should make them feel that home is their refuge when the world seems unfriendly to them.

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sudhi said...

summer is very very hot season in India also..

Bt ur really a broad thinking person..can bet ur children will be very lucky coz nt only u'll communicate wit them, u'll b their bestest frnd....vry nice post..hope every parent in this bloggers read it.....

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