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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another Collectible

The other day, I posted about the Starbucks coffee mug I won. It was not actually a coffee mug but coffee tumbler. Better! I like tumbler better than coffee mug. The color is also my favorite, red. The prize may not be pricey at all, yet it is the thought that makes me get excited. 

I am adding to my collection the tumbler I won. It was given to me  inside a gift bag. The added prize is a gift certificate aside from the tumbler. It is a bonus added to the tumbler. I will use the gift certificate to buy another tumbler. I will use the other one I am to buy.  The color may not be the same, but it will work just fine.     
Congratulations to my team mate, the lady who organized our team building. She is the happy gal flashing peace sign in our team building photo. She landed on the third place. She won for herself a Starbucks gift certificate. I was told when the awards were given. There were also boxes of pizzas each team had partaken. A pity I missed the pizza. Well, it is alright.  I have the coffee tumbler anyway.


Luke said...

Hi there, its Luke. Thank you for my comments, I do follow your blogs and its nice to know more about you.

Have a good day.


ravali said...

hey i too want that coffee mug,but not red one but a blue one,do bring it for me!!!!

Janz said...

Hi Ms JPrincess,
Hello Ate! just want to let you know that I have been reading your messages! sorry I wasn't able to reply right away! Thank you thank you for taking the time to message me! miss you!!!

SilverGenes said...

Congratulations on winning your Starbucks tumbler! The price doesn't matter - you won because you did your job well and that counts for a lot! I know what working in a call centre is like :)

beanizer_05 said...

hmmm...Mommy, i lost my feeding bottle..can i borrow your tumbler for my milk??..can i can i??? *puppy eyes*
i'm starving..uha uha uha...beanie no milk *looking at tumbler*

JollyPrincess said...

Hello everyone, its always a great feeling to read comments from my international friends. Thank you much for making me smile. Mwuahh! :)

@ Beanizer_05 No Baby Batman, you can not have my tumbler. It is mine! You just have to be contented with your feeding bottle, okies? (lol)

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