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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Thoughts

I am happy to be granted some few days off from work this past week. Although I would have been happier had the few days vacation were added last May. That was when my youngest brother and his family were here. Anyway, no time for feeling sorry, that is the uniqueness of working in a Call Center. I did not go out of the house by the way. I just do not want to go to the malls when there are no important things I needed to buy. Got my point readers? In other words this is my subtle way of saying. I do not have money. I know you are smiling now.

The general cleaning made me busy at home. I am home buddy kind of person you know. In between my cleaning of course I need to peek online. There maybe someone I need to say thank you for visiting my blog. The forum discussion on the communities I joined would make me smile. My blogger friends never run out of ideas, mostly funny ideas. Who needs a clown to cheer me up after all? The few days- vacation likewise gave me time to chat with my best friend at yahoo messenger for longer minutes.

This morning, I received a morale booster SMS from our team captain at the office. I topped the Care Bay for the month of June. Care Bay is client initiated survey. The program was started 1st week of June. Our client from the U.S. assigned someone to barge on our calls. This is to check on how we answer their customers call. Am I confusing you? Please do not be. I work for a Call Center who pays my salaries and other benefits. Our Call Center is hired by overseas companies to answer the phone when their customers would call. If you call an electric provider, Credit Card Company, or a bank. Those who answer the phone are not direct employees of the company you are calling. They are us who works with Call Centers. Now you know.

My prize is a simple Starbucks coffee mug. I love Starbucks. I will be reporting for work Monday this coming week. I sent SMS to our team captain to keep the coffee mug for me. Nope, I am not going to use the coffee mug. It will be displayed in my room. Together with the other certificate of recognitions I received. These memorabilia are products of my hard work. I love savoring the thought. I had contributed my talent and ideas with someone in the best way, I could.


ryan said...

I'm sure you will need a larger room soon, to display future certificates of recognitions your hard work will bring. Enjoy your time off.

sudhi said...

Ms.jolly u knw i hpy tht atlast i got to comment in ur blog!! i mean i hav been reading ur posts daily bt unable to comment nd guess wat today z my lucky day!!!!

well im hpy tht ur days r shining!!! keep smiling Ms.jolly !!! love ur post!!!

thirubeli said...

Hi Jolly Princess, Call centre receiving/taking calls must be less painful than the tele marketing/ calling. Anyway you are winning and now the collection of mugs, jugs and tumblers must be plenty. Your blog is colourful and plenty of web blog features/ gadgets. Your postings also regular. You are great in the TALKS as well. Best wishes.
Thiruselvam K

JollyPrincess said...

@ Ryan - Hahaha! Thanks for confidence, my friend.

@ Sudhi - Wow! Thanks for your patience! I guess it is my internet connection or blogspot had an update.

@ Thirubeli - Hello! Thanks for the blog visit and the GREAT comment. Appreciate it much, my friend.

Jill Wellington said...

Congrats on your Starbucks tumbler! I also loved reading your blog about "My Precious Companions". It is so true that the world wide web opens us to many friends we would never meet otherwise! I have met so many lovely people on and learned so much about different cultures. I am going to post some blogs about my vacation so you can see the state where I live. I was inspired to do this by everyone's lovely posts about where they live.

Thanks for your friendship and blogs, Jolly!!

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