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Friday, July 23, 2010

Showing Your Best Smile

Have you ever been asked to pose for a photo session?

I bet the first thing you would think of, is to look your best. You have no idea who would be looking at your photos. For sure you will give your best smile. There are times when we have our photos taken and we do not like the outcome. We want to have another shot, to look our best. I recall what my sister used to tell me. I need not worry about not being so good looking in my photos.  At least I could make people happy by laughing at my photos. It is simple way of saying she wants not so good looking photos. So, we have something to laugh at.

Wacky smile. Yikes! :)

Smiling in front of the camera had its evolution too. Like many other events or phenomena. Here is a sample of a modern way of smiling, otherwise known as wacky smile. Did you say these two smile models have similarities with me? Yeah, to be honest, I am unable to deny they are my relatives, lest they are going to disown me. The girl is my niece and the boy is my nephew. Now … you know.  These kids just loved to take their photos from their cell phones. They call it wacky smile, or wacky pose. Whatever …

My niece is playful when it comes to taking photos. She had countless photos akin to what you see in here. She does not really care how she would look like. All she cares is to make the beholders smile. She is nice looking too. She is never bothered taking her photos with contorted face. For the sake of art, albeit. My nephew is also very playful even when he was a boy. He would crack jokes, we all ended up laughing. Not on his jokes but how corny the jokes were.


beanizer_05 said...

right mommy!!
that's why they call me cutie 'coz i got different emotions in my they laugh esp when i do emo poses..i wonder why..?? *confused*
last night i was wearing this blue jacket, i put my hood on then called my sis "Bendita Bendita" impersonating Agua (AGua is the only ABS show allowed btw)
..then she grabbed her cp and took a pic of me,,it's all blurry!! 'coz she's laughing at me, can't keep the it steady..why mommy? can't i be like Agua Baby ??

ravali said...

well that beany kid takes all weird pics but myself i like to capture all the sceneries of the world!!

Janz said...

Hi Ate JP! how are you? thats a cute photo of your niece and nephew! I love you new blog layout!

Cheqna said...

Nowdays I prefer to be behind the camera..don't even like to pose for official photo..hehehe..


Ryan said...

Whenever I have my photo taken, I try and hide behind my kids. Yes I'm pretty camera shy, my 2 boys on the other hand are the opposite, like your niece and nephew they are poseurs, haha.

Jill Wellington said...

This made me smile...just don't take my picture at this moment. Just got in from walking the trail behind our house and I'm sweating! ha ha!!

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