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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Typhoon Hit Manila Philippines

Manila, Philippines was hit by typhoon, Tuesday night, 13th of July international code name Conson. It was signal no. 2 in Manila area but wind was very strong. Some areas in Manila do not have electricity as of yet and no internet connection. The power was shut down to avoid accidents or further accidents. I am glad however that at home, waking up at 3pm  14th of July, Philippines time, our electricity service was back on. My internet connection is also working as if nothing happens.

I was at work last night and hardly felt the strong wind. The building where our office is housed is quite sturdy. I did not even feel what happened in the entire Metropolis. It was in the morning coming home from work when reality bites. Our neighbor advised me she was so scared and could not sleep keeping close watch at their roof that might be blown off. Thanks goodness the roofing was intact sparing them from major repairs. The rain was not that much. It was that wind apparently that was so scary.

At home except from missing cold water to drink everything seemed alright. I missed the electricity for a while. I slept after drying my hair with a hand fan after I had taken my shower. I just turned on my electric fan at its lowest. I woke up at the cool brush of air from my osciliating electric fan. I checked on my internet connection, typed this short post to let you know folks your Jolly Princess is still smiling. 


Janz said...

HI Ate JP. How are you? I hope you're all okay in Manila. How is it there now? Is it still raining hard? Im glad you're still smiling Ate! take care

Jolly Princess said...

Hi Janz, I am hardly affected by the typhoon. Some areas in Manila do not have lights yet until now. The wind caused some trees to topple and affected the power lines. Some areas that have underground wirings like the business districts had electricity the very next day after the typhoon. The sun is shining now in Manila. As if nothing happened. Thanks for the concern. Appreciate it much!

Christian/Lyn said...

hello ms.JP! Grabe the storm was really strong! We were all home and around midnight the winds were roaring! I thought there was like a tornado passing by! Good to hear you are safe Ms.JP *blink blink*---Sie

Ryan said...

Take care in the storm, be safe and keep smiling.

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