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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Saying Goodbye

I am not good at saying goodbye. For almost eleven years we had been together in my room. I love to glance at the smooth face as the hands runs slowly. A companion indeed for so long, it is difficult let go. Nothing is permanent in life I had accepted this notion long time ago. However when parting time comes, it is difficult. The ticking had stopped. The familiar sound is no more…
Yes, my old wall clock had stopped running. I thought I needed to change the battery. When I took out the old battery and slipped the new one. I thought the hand would start to run. The ticking sound would come to life again, but no more. I checked on the small piece of paper I pasted at the back of the wall clock. It says Oct 1998. It was then I realized the needed rest is worthwhile. When I buy things I normally would write using a marking pen at the back of the item or the gadget I bought. This serves as my guide of its lifespan. Actually, I was mesmerized by the length of time the wall clock was with me. To think it is not even a branded one.  
I remember the very day I bought it. I chose the green color the first time. When I got home, I asked myself why did a pick the green one? The following day I went back to the mall. Never mind if I need to spend on my fare to get to the mall. I want the red wall clock. I got lucky there was one available from the stock room. Never mind if I followed a long line for the returned items. The sales lady who rummaged from the stock room was I guess as tired as I am. I followed the long queue standing for at least half an hour.  Well, time to buy another wall clock.  
I want a wall clock hanging on the wall. At a glance, it provides me with ease what time of the day it is. That is, without the need for me to wear my reading eyeglasses. I could read from a distance without my eyeglasses on, folks. Right, the wall clock will be red again, my favorite color.

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ryan said...

It surely is a sad farewell but look on the bright side, a nbrand new wall clock friend has come into your life haha, love the red good choice.

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