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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Few Good Men

Friends and bloggers, I am writing this post with a heavy heart. I am not superstitious person. However, Monday, 23rd of August is not a good week to start with. Personally I always look forward to the start of the week as a new beginning. I felt so sorry the inevitable unfortunate events took place. In your own living room you must have watched live the hostage taking incident in Manila. I wished it never happened. Yet it did, watched by the whole world while some inept uniformed men struggled to end the tourist hostage frenzy. Where was the boss anyway?

A candle for peace
I normally report for work early, to avoid rush hour traffic jam.  I got lucky I got a ride at once and arrived at least an hour before my log in time. We have two cafeterias at the office and both have television stations broadcasting the incident, live. Most of my officemates were cursing while some were teary eyed. We watched and listened to the panting voices of the radio, television and other media personalities who were eager to have details of the story. I was very much disturbed when I got home at seven in the morning. I cried for the fate of the innocent people who just wanted to have a little enjoyment in life. I cried for the fate of Filipinos.

I do not blame anyone, yet I am a person bruised and wounded emotionally. I pray for forgiveness and understanding from the victims relatives. I abhor, apologized for the strong word to my readers, the ways of coward uniformed men for the settlement of their undue demands. Gentlemen in uniform, like you and most civilian Filipinos we are warriors in whatever ways to uplift each of our lives. By going berserk to reiterate your demands the more you hurt yourself, your families and your countrymen as a whole. Because of the latest incident, we became a laughing stock to the whole world. We have threatened possible investors to our country that would alleviate our economic turmoil.

I challenge you uniformed Filipino gentlemen to go by your sworn duties, to die in dignity for protecting lives of innocent people not protecting your own. I challenge you to pass on the legacy to your descendants with pride the Philippines Flagged wrapped on your lifeless body. What a great honor for a gallant Filipino, is it not? There are only few good men, count yourself in.


Ryan said...

I watched this tragedy unfold on one of our news channels, it was the lead story here. I couldn't believe what I was witnessing, I was shocked at the amateurish tactics of the uniformed officers. All they seemed to do was put the poor innocent people inside the bus at more risk.

My heart goes out to the people who lost their lives and their families.

Ren said...

Oh my gosh...I cannot believe they did that! Until now, I never realized how dangerous people can be when your own people hurt you. I did not know about this incident since I do not have any sources that would immediately notify me; thank you for writing about it.

Jean said...

I've been at work all day and didn't hear about this. I'm going to look this up online to learn more.
Prayers sent to those who where unjustly killed or injured.

NENSA MOON said...

Actually I'm not to clear about this incident ... but I just hope everything will be fine and noone get injured or even killed anymore...
Will check it out soon.

take care!

Janz said...

I am deeply sadden of this tragedy. It should have never ended this way :(

LionGirl said...

I was holding back my tears when a victim's wife went on air to describe her feelings and how her husband died in defence for her and that she wished to die with him but came to her senses not to when she thought of her children.
So sad. Sob! Such tragedy n shame to Philipine's men in uniform!

Out on the prairie said...

Sad is the selfish people who felt they could get ahead in life by doing this outrageous event.Sad also to not have someone trained to settle this without lives lost. It gets a area placed on a list where not to go real easy.

Jolly Princess said...

Thank you for your untiring support and comments, friends and bloggers. I am feeling better now. Welcome aboard LionGirl . ♥

Jill Wellington said...

Jolly, I have been so busy this week, I have not been on Bloggers, but was thinking of you, Beanie, Lyn and Christian as news unfolded about the hostages. I worried and wondered if any of you were nearby or in danger. Thanks so much for your accounts here. It DID bring the Philippines into the news. I kept thinking...I have FRIENDS there!!! Very sad and scary, but glad to learn you are safe and strong!

Jolly Princess said...

@Jill, thanks a lot for your concern appreciate it much! ♥ The place is far from where I am. The place is like a tourist area near Luneta Park and far from residential area. There are offices close to the place though. I was asleep when it started. I do not have time to watch the news on tv. I only saw it when I get to the office at 8pm. That was the final hour already. From the time the bus driver fled from the bus and until the rescue of some hostages inside the bus. Its okay friend, your family is most important and all of your activities outside WWW. Your online friends understand. :)

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