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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Moonlit Dawn

I posted about the sunlight here are photos of the moon I took at dawn from my terrace. This was at around five am today. The lady street cleaner working on the bridge was probably wondering if I was taking her photos. I am just fascinated by the crescent moon. What was I doing at the terrace at five in the morning? Today is my day off from work. Friday and Saturdays are my day from work. I will have same work schedule until the end of March. I was hanging my laundry at the terrace when I chanced upon this lovely moon. 
The lights are located on the bridge close to my apartment.
This is how the bridge looks at night. I made it lighter so it could be seen.
The unedited photo of the above.
The river below the bridge looking like lights are falling. It is actually a reflection of lights.
The clothes I was hanging at the terrace. I took this photo in the morning. The vine looking thing is bitter
 gourd one of my favorite vegie. I made clothes line made of straw in lieu of trellis.


Country Mouse Studio said...

I did notice that wonderful moon. You are an early riser

sm said...

beautiful capture

Jolly Princess said...

@Country Mouse Studio-Yes I am an early riser. I am not fond of long sleeping hours. @sm - Thanks SM. Mwahhh!:)PP

Webbielady said...

Oh what a lovely view! I miss the Philippines!

DITT said...

Great shots, lovely moonlight!

Cheqna said...

I cannot open the link, but I'm sure its beautiful :-)

sexylegsandbody said...

Wooow, lovely pic, thanks for sharing.
Thanks for dropping a line on my last post.
Take care.

sexylegsandbody said...

I forgot to mention, I am an early riser too, it is now twenty to 5 AM and I have been up since 4.

Jolly Princess said...

@Webbielady- I guess you miss the weather too. :)@DITT - Thanks! I had difficulty taking the photo actually. My camera is just an ordinary digicam. @Colin - Hi, thanks for gracing my blog with your comment. It is nice to see you back in my blog.:)

Jolly Princess said...

@Cheqna -Oh, I am sorry you cannot open the link to my blog. Maybe you can when you are back to Malaysia.

Gaia Eos said...

lovely shots Jolly thank you for your visit take care my friend ^_^

Jolly Princess said...

@Gaia Eos - Thank you for the blog visit. Appreciate your comment. :)

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