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Monday, February 06, 2012

A Day to Remember

Yesterday, Feb 5 is the 85th birthday of my late father.  I went to the memorial park to bring flowers and candle.  My parents were laid to rest in the same place. The memorial park is not close to my house. I do not visit my parents too often. Except if there is occasion. I am a bit guilty for not visiting them last Christmas as I used to do. Despite the difference of the place where they are now, we still belong to one family.

I was amazed by the number of people at the memorial park. Cars were neatly parked at the designated parking spaces. Family members were having lunch together under the shade of a huge picnic umbrella. Some children were running around to probably ease their boredom or simply just to play. Are you not wondering how quickly children could invent a game on any occasion? 

It was a Sunday.  The memorial park was on a festive mood so I  thought. One of my acquaintances once said. She does not want to visit memorial parks and cemeteries. These are lonely places. Well, I would say not always. The caretaker I hired to look after my parents mentioned there had never been a time the memorial park is empty of visitors.

Filipinos may differ in so many ways. Yet, I am glad there are still those who value their loved ones and family members, regardless of where they are now.

Here are some photos I took just to practice my camera :)
My favorite statue. Jesus Christ praying in the Garden of Gethsemane.

The entrance to the Garden of Gethsemane where my parents are now.

Who says this place is lonely?
When visitors could come any time of the day, any day of the week.
This is me taking photos under the shade of my umbrella. :)


littleyana said...

That's one of the things why I am proud of being a Pinoy. We pay high respect for people we love, both living and dead. We love them until the end.

Clai Estabillo said...

i only go to the cemetery when I feel father is my rock! I still feel I needed him even though he's already in heaven so i take visits whenever I could...^_^

inez said...

Should not feel too guilty feeling Jolly Princess. Your parents already in place. You just have to pray for them and work continues to give better meaning to life. GBU

Jolly Princess said...

@littleyana- Yes, that is how we value our loved ones. @Clai Estabillo- I feel the same way with my parents. They are still guiding me. @inez- Thanks for the assurance. Welcome to my blog.

Cheqna said...

Even though our parents are no longer with us, its our duty to pray for them.

as for me, I've lost my father many years ago but my mum is still with us, and I try to be a good daughter to her..hope she knows how much I love her.

Reese said...

It's gives a comforting feeling, taking the time to remember one's departed parent during special days.

My mom died 10 years ago, we had her cremated and her ashes scattered along a famous mountain ridge.

roffe said...

My father died when I only was six years old..I nearly don't remember him..

Jolly Princess said...

@Reese -My parents will be remembered by me and my siblings as long as we lived. They were not perfect parents. But they did the best they could. @roffe- The father of my father passed away when my father was also 6 years old. It was a tough experience for him working his way to work a living for his mother and a sister.

Cheqna said...

Pleasant day and weekend ahead with your family JP :-)

Country Mouse Studio said...

I think it's wonderful how much respect you have for them there are many cultures who could learn from it.

Jolly Princess said...

@Cheqna- Thank you. It so sweet of you. @Country Mouse Studio – Yes, thank you. We carry respect for our parents all the way through.

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