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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

February 2012 Highlight

Kudos to our team captain and congrats to team mates! A job well done! We bested six teams in February. We topped the Satellite TV and Phone Tech Support teams, scoring the BEST in February among all months. We passed all metrics with FLYING COLORS! We were jubilant upon learning we made it. We are NUMBER ONE! 

It is almost the end of March. The team is still on top in Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score. We do hope we will pass all metrics. Being number one is not at all easy. All eyes are on us. Pressure is mounting but giving up is not an option. :)


Jean said...

Congrats to your team! internet security program blocked your opening ad saying it contained a virus. I am afraid to come here again.:(

Jolly Princess said...

@Jean -Thank you Jean. My Anti Virus had expired. I have another one installed. I will also remove the one page ad. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Cheqna said...

Congratulations JP and your team!..I'm sure you all deserved it after the efforts made in ensuring good service given.

Keep it up!


Jolly Princess said...

@Cheqna - Thank you! My team mates and I are so happy about our achievement. We topped in all metrics.

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