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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Family First

My sister and I, years back at our house in the province.
Folks, spam did not get into my blog it is why I was on vacation from blogging. I had just some activities for the past few weeks that got me so tied up. We had team building at work around the third week of April. Last week of April, my youngest brother and my sister came. My sister stayed with me for a week. The three of us, me my sis and my niece, my sis daughter who stays with me had bonding time in those days I am off from blogging.

The last time I saw my sister was October last year. She did not come last Christmas. She is lazy traveling when there are too many people. When she is in Manila that is the time I am on vacation from household chores. She does almost everything, from house cleaning, laundry and most importantly cooking for me and her daughter. Our stories do not seem to let up from our childhood years to our preteens. She is a good cook.  I always missed her cooking style.

Our youngest brother with his wife and daughter came to the Philippines all the way from Singapore to attend their class reunion in high school. The place where the reunion was held was close to the house of my sister. My sister was happy to be among the passengers in a car driven by the owner himself, our brother. It was convenient than a public transport. She had bonding time with the daughter of our brother during the eight hour drive to Manila.

My sister left at around five in the morning today. I had to accompany her to the bus station. She is not too confident commuting around a bigger place compared to where she lives. She sent me text message late this afternoon, she is already home. The time spent with family is worth taking time off from blogging. Right, I got free groceries again for a week courtesy of my sister, some surprises from my bro and sis in law, and more from my sister.


Jean said...

Of family time is more important than blogging. Glad you had a great time with your sis.
You two are very pretty...BTW.:)

roffe - norway said...

A family reunion is a good time to get the old family history updated.Our family meets once a year, from the aged of 2 year to the oldest who is 92 year this year..

roffe said...

Stop by to wish you a great weekend..

cLai ♥ said...

Family First! they are the most precious gifts from God and they should not be neglected...

I noticed the doll in the middle
I used to have something like that...

Steve niklas said...

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feel free to leave a comment

Jolly Princess said...

Thank, Jean, Rolf and Clai for the inspiring comments. I am glad despite my absence for few day from WWW you are here checking on me.

Jolly Princess said...

@ Steve - Welcome aboard. Thanks for letting me know you visited.


Appreciate your blog visit, message and comment. ♥

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