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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spam and Spammers

Folks, my blog had been hit by spammers when I turned off the spam word verification option for submitting comments on my blog. If you received messages on your email coming from my blog mentioning about pornographic contents, I did not send them to you. I found the comments from spammers on the spam folder on my blog and deleted them all. 

I was alerted by one of my blogger friends here, Luke Regler he received strange messages from my blog. Last month two of my blogger friends Jean and Rolf advised me of virus alert they encountered upon visiting my blog. I thought it was coming from the one page ad I had before. I turned off the one page ad. I also suspected the chat box I once had in here as being used by spammers. I deleted the chat box.

I turned on the word verification again to prevent these spammers from posting comments on my blog. Please feel free to post me comments had you received some inappropriate message from my blog.  Also your suggestions are welcome to secure our blogs. I would suggest you check your spam folder from time to time. We bloggers must unite to stop these vermin from creating havoc on our blogs. Thank you for understanding.


pipoq said...

didn't blogger already have enabled auto span detection for comments ?

anyway i understand your situation JP..prevent is better than cure..

even i don't really mixed-up with word verification, as long as it's readable for my eyes, still okay for me..

H. Nizam said...

Hi JP,

This is a lesson for us who are using Blogger/Blogspot as a platform for blogs.

sm said...

spam is automatically turned on by google,
thanks for sharing info.
Never ever turn off automatic spam detection of google.

Jolly Princess said...

@pipoq - I do not really know how this spam detector works. I they just want attention. @H. Nizam - Yes, Harry I had forgotten for a while they existed on the net. @sm - Thanks for sharing your thoughts my friend. Appreciate it.

cLai ♥ said...

I checked my comment folder and it I had spammed comments..DELETED already..

roffe said...

I hope all your spam is gone..
Have a wonderful weekend..

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