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Friday, June 01, 2012

The Busy Month of May

May had been an extremely busy month for me. After my sister left I attended work related training. The training was not on schedule. I had to make some adjustments. The training was about the new scheme in our monthly score metric. Our score is measured monthly in terms of attendance, customer survey, monthly exam etc. Have I not mentioned working in Call Center is very challenging job? If you want to be part of the industry, be prepared to pass the monthly scoring or the bosses would call your attention. Worst scenario, they will advise you to try another industry. The positive way of saying, you resign. The training lasted for three weeks.

Mothers Day was allotted to my parents. I visited my parents on their resting place. My father joined the Creator May 11, 1999 mother was September 8, 2010. Mothers Day was May 13. The caretaker was just happy to see me. I gave him my monthly dues for taking care of my parents resting place. I seldom visit the place, only on special occasions. I hope father and mother could still hear me when I talk to them in my mind. We, their four children are fine, as well as their four beloved grandchildren. Hmmmm, runaway imagination, but who knows I made them happy by telling them so.

 My niece who stays with me finally got a job. Not related to her digital animation course. It is in a Call Center too, but not the same Call Center I work. The Call Center where she was hired has an account that deals with graphics designs but no vacancy for the time being. She decided to try being a Call Center agent until such time there will be vacancy on her target job. I advice her working in a Call Center is a demanding job. She is willing to try her luck rather than staying home all the time.  She will start her training today 3pm to 12 midnight. 

I had been busy accompanying my niece to get all her job application requirements done. To name a few, physical examination, government clearances, applying for bank account designated by the company for their payroll, etc.  I am glad she was able to submit all requirements Wednesday this week.  It gives me now more time to sleep after work when we were finally done. My niece coming from a province south of Manila is not familiar with the big city of Manila. My sister is happy her daughter got the job.  I am wishing her the best on her very first job. I do hope she takes every challenge as opportunities rather than roadblocks in her pursuit of success. Anyhow, I know she is well prepared.


Genskie said...

hi there.. ive found your blog on blogdirectory.blogspot...
It's good to see fellow filipino bloggers... I would like to see more posts from you.. im following you.


Harry Nizam said...

Hi JP,
I am glad to know that everything seems to be okay with you, your home and your job.
I am sure that your parents would be happy that you still remember them.

Genskie said...

Hi i just want to thank you for dropping by on my blog page...

you'll see me more visible on this blog

Have a great day

Jean said...

JP, You have the right attitude.
Love and Hugs!!!

roffe said...

Hello. I've been very busy too..Too much at my office and visit from USA.. I need longer days..haha..
Have a wonderful weelkend..

Jolly Princess said...

@Harry Nizam - Thanks Harry, yes I am alive running and kicking. (lol)@Genskie - Thanks again, I am glad your back. @ Jean - BIGGEST HUG!:)@roffe - You mean hectic Rolf. Glad you are able to unwind on your visit to the U.S.

Luke Regler said...


Seems we are all busy busy busy at the moment, which is nice I guess :P

I meant to share this link with you earlier but well busy busy busy. How does the phrase go? 'saw this and thought of you!'

Jolly Princess said...

@Luke Regler - I clicked on the link and it was great. Thanks for sharing.:)

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