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Friday, November 02, 2012

Feast of the Saints

Filipinos trouped to  memorial parks to celebrate the feast dedicated to our departed loved ones. The nationwide celebration started as early as the 30th of October and will end until around the 1st week of November. Although multitudes visit on the 1st of November, others like me prefer to visit early to avoid traffic jam.  The traffic jam I am referring to is not on the roads but inside the memorial park.

I left home at around seven in the morning, the 31st of October. I ate heavy breakfast as I planned to stay for several hours. The plot where my parents were laid to rest is just beside the pathway. It makes it easier to locate if anyone of our relatives would like to visit. I was surprised to meet the family of the lady buried to the right of my parents. The family erected a tent good for about ten people complete with small chairs and small table. I met the husband and one of the daughters of the lady, years ago.  They recognized me, and apologized for the space their tent had occupied. 

The family members started partaking their lunch. The old gentleman offered me a plate of rice, with my favorite Filipino dish abodo and a piece of fried stuffed bangus fish. I felt full, but I do not want to frustrate the old guy who offered me the sumptuous lunch. I told them I got lucky that day for the shade of the tent and the sumptuous lunch. They left at almost noon time. It was when they left I realized the scorching heat of the sun without the tent. 

 All went well during my visit. The weather cooperated, it was a sunny day. I left the memorial park at almost two in the afternoon.  I left behind two candles and basket of flowers I brought for my parents.  I mentioned the items to the care taker, so the children should leave them alone.  I went to the grocery for some household stuff before heading home. I was granted one day birthday leave, the 30th. The 31st of October and the 1st of November were my day off. I was home at around five in the afternoon. After a cold bath, I slept soundly for seven hours.


Luke Regler said...

Hi JP, thats a nice day out and made better by the kindness of others. Mind not sure about the cold bath at the end of the day though. :P

Keep smiling


Jolly Princess said...

Hi Luke, I am smiling as I look at your smiling face. Right, it was a real surprise for me meeting all the family members. And most of all I enjoyed the shade. )

roffe said...

Hi...We don't celebrate All Saint Day in Norway..
Have a wonderful weekend..

Jolly Princess said...

@roffe - I guess you celebrate Halloween instead. I am glad to see your smiling face again my friend. :)

cLai ♥ said...

a late comment..hehehe
i went to the cemetery a week after,
there's less people..

i miss reading blogs..
and im lucky i get a chance to grab a time this morning

have a great day ahead! :D

Jolly Princess said...

@ cLai - Yeah.. you are not alone. So do visit after the occasion where there are less visitors.:)

Zunnur said...

It was nice to learn about the celebration in your country, and it's always good to be early than to get caught in the flood of people.

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