Wednesday, February 06, 2013

From Cool to Warm Weather

No more cool weather in Manila, Philippines. Yes, it seems our summertime will come early this year 2013. As oppose to the previous prediction of our weathermen, we are to enjoy cooler temperature until March, it is getting warmer now especially at noontime. At least it is still cooler at night in my place. 

I hope no intense heat come summer time.  This could result to plenty of rainfall during rainy months and possibly cause flooding. I guess I am getting paranoid a bit. I had not been affected by flooding in Manila. I pity those people who are more likely to suffer from weather disturbance. The government funds allotted to fortuitous events could be used for livelihood of Filipinos. In this way, Filipinos could feel the growth in Philippine economy. My appreciation goes to some government officials, businessmen and Filipinos who worked so hard to contribute to this achievement.

Ah, well, que serra serra ... be positive. Life is a challenge. The option to be happy is within us. To my Chinese friends, Chinese bloggers, and to all Filipino Chinese –

           Kong Hei Fat Choi!


Luke Regler said...

Hi JP, global warming is changing the weather everywhere so much so I am considering buying a hat and turning up the AC!
As for floods yes they are beginning to become a way of life for too many people and so things will change one day. Cant you work from home and then move home to a beach?
I wish I could...

Jidhu Jose said...

here ( Qatar ) still cold.
I also heard lots of problems due to floods .Its really sad.

sm said...

yes temps are changing everwhere

Jolly Princess said...

@Luke - You got to buy AC not just for you for your new born baby. :) Yes, I wish I could at home.. @Jidhu Jose - Weather is changing everywhere. I am sorry for those who became victims of nature. @ sm - Right on that. I hope as weather changes it would bring prosperity not disaster.

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