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Friday, March 08, 2013

My Big Event for 2012

Folks I am excited to share with you,  I am the Agent of the Year for 2012 as tech support for Satellite TV and Phone Repair combined. I am elated! I thought my colleagues were just kidding when they congratulated me before the awarding ceremony. My team captain on purpose did not tell me at once as a surprise. It was a surprise indeed! I hugged my lady team captain.

I got the same award last Feb 2011. Another fellow got the award for Satellite TV.  I was awarded Agent of the Year for Phone Repair – 2011.  I thought it was just by chance I made it for 2011 award. Last third quarter of 2012, I was awarded - Top Agent of the Quarter. Last Feb 28, I was awarded Agent of the Year -2012! Now, you know what made me slackened from blog posting. I concentrated on my work to get a good score month by month. 

Looks like impossible is nothing if you believe in yourself and work hard!


roffe said...

Congratulations.You are very clever. Greetings from the cold part of the world -20 degrees Celsius last night..

Jolly Princess said...

@roffe - Thank you friend. We are having early summer in Manila now. Maximum of 34.4 degrees Celsius.

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