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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Flashing Lights

Last Friday night, the 17th I woke up late, I did not have time to eat dinner before I left home.  I was at work fifteen minutes before my log in time. I chose a night shift at work for some reasons. One, less traffic jam, second it is cooler, third, less time-consuming to get ready to work. I made sure to drop by at our pantry for a cup of black coffee before entering the work area.  I was at my station five minutes before my log in time.

It did not surprise me to get a call right away soon as I log in.  It was an irate lady customer who was visiting her old dad. She was watching the satellite television, pressed some buttons, now the television screen became blue. I knew it was an input issue. She was sort of giving me a hard time not following what I am telling her to do. Then all of a sudden, there came flashing light. I felt as the light continuously flashed I had a hard time focusing on my computer screen. 

In a way the irate lady had helped. I do not have to be talking as she had been rattling reasons why she does not like satellite television. I pretended I was listening but my main concern was the flashing light and my half blindness. I tried to focus and checked on myself.   I was not dizzy, there was no pain.  I closed my eyes, the flashing light was there. I took out a balm ointment from my small purse, rubbed my forehead, until tears ran down my checks.  On the other end of the line the lady customer finally got the right button, trouble was fixed.

After about ten to fifteen minutes flashing lights stopped. My vision returned to normal, but there was pounding sensation on my head. Migraine! I suddenly recalled researching on migraine headaches and posted the story on my blog years before.  I had migraine headache for ages, but that was the first time I had flashing lights. I also remembered my nephew once told me he would have flashing lights before severe headache. Thanks to the cup of strong coffee. My headache was gone in few minutes. The migraine attacked was mild.  I am glad the flashing light is not something serious.

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